Sad Girl Night

Sad Girl Night: A new Nashville residency at H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Music Evolve) hosted by Elisabeth Beckwitt to celebrate the beauty, vulnerability, and power of some of Nashville’s most talented ladies. Sponsored by House Beer.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the first Sad Girl Night on September 23rd such a success! I want to give a special shoutout to the three women who embraced vulnerability, sparked inspiration, and helped remind me why I do music; Eva Cassel, Valentine James, and Kenna.

Thank you to my community who showed up to support and celebrate this idea - I cannot wait for us to grow into something even more beautiful. And talk about a perfect partnership - Helping Our Music Evolve - HOME, House Beer, AND Zero To 60 By AGD thanks for believing in this residency!

Join us next month on October 21st for another spectacular lineup of artists!

Sad Girl Night ft. Erin Jarvis, Phöenix Lazare, and Katie Ruvane

Where: H.O.M.E. Nashville

When: Sunday October 21st 5pm


Elisabeth Beckwitt