Indigo EP

INDIGO EP OUT NOW!!! After sharing the darker side of my recovery on Gray Again, I wanted Indigo to feel a little more free spirited, almost like a celebration of the progress I’ve made so far.

Performed by: Elisabeth Beckwitt
Produced by: Threm Music & Entertainment - TME
Mixed by: Andy Freeman
Mastered by: Piper Payne
Indigo written with: Ian DePriest and Steffi Jeraldo
Crowded written with: Brooke Jenkins
Album Artwork: Michael Bagnardi of Burn.Type
Photo: Molly Lins Photography

Special Thanks: Jason “Django” Chambliss, Connor Gehlert, Gayle Davidson, Jenna Kay Stephan, Kayla Albee, Out From The Pine Box, Lightning 100, DJ Casey Smith

Jason Chambliss