B-Sides and Badlands - Free Fall Premiere

“There’s a moment you can catch a glimpse of your body tumbling into the black abyss. It’s just a second, a snapshot in time, that you step outside of the physical world and hang upside-down as a sticky star in the heavens. Arising out of past childhood trauma, Nashville’s alt-pop darling Elisabeth Beckwitt has not only come to grips with a tragic past, but she fully commands and guides her own narrative with budding new presence born out of necessity. New single “Free Fall,” premiering today and officially out next Friday (May 3), shifts between the frigid first light of the unknown, which rumbles just out of sight over the horizon, and the rush it also vows to bring. Waves lap against her skin, but the anticipation of thrill intoxicates her right down to the bones. “We are an encore / We are unresolved,” she coos, advising herself that the forthcoming sojourn might just be worth risking everything.

“We are the moment right before the free fall,” she sings, positioning the hook as a blissful act of absolution. Her staggering vocal cords scale the melody instantly afterward and operate as a sublime showcase of her naturally mountain-moving gifts of emotional storytelling. Her head voice is expectedly stimulating, filling the listener’s lungs with the exact weight of what’s to come. You take the plunge or you stay stagnant and choke on your own breath. Beckwitt is here, soaring high as a phoenix into the rose-smattered dusk, and we’re at her mercy to take the chance, too.

— Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands