Defining: Pansexuality

“Welcome to another installment of our “Defining” series, where we unpack various terms and identities. Pansexuality can be defined as romantic and/or sexual attraction to a person regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

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“I came up with '#boringselfcare' mostly because I was drawing all the boring things I either find difficult when unwell or can't actually do.... I feel that the hashtag is not for everyone. It's for people who struggle day to day. It's for people with mental health problems, chronic illness, disability etc.”

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"Isabella" Music Video

It really sucks when you think someone might be into you, and it turns out they aren't. I met my "Isabella" in High School. I spent so much of my time trying to get her to see me, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. She taught me so much about myself, and helped me find the strength to come out as gay to my friends and family.

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Elisabeth Beckwitt