Out From The Pine Box - Indigo Premiere

“Beckwitt’s angelic voice softens the sharp edge of the sensitive subjects that Indigo explores, with themes ranging from mental health and addiction to sexuality and heartbreak. Musically, Indigo strays from Beckwitt’s previous release, Gray Again, and settles comfortably into an ethereal alt-pop world.

“Baggage” is a stand out track that serves as a nice surprise with Beckwitt pushing her creative boundaries as she sings “I’ve got baggage too, and I don’t try to hide it / All I ask of you is not to be close minded.”

Indigo, keeps it short and sweet, while leaving room for lyrical depth and diversity that maintains a cohesive flow. A common theme throughout the EP is a sense of unwavering confidence that radiates through even the darkest of lyrics. With Beckwitt, it’s evident that it’s not about being positive 100% of the time. Instead, it’s about understanding that you grow through what you go through. Indigo allows Beckwitt to lend a voice to those who have lost their own, handling each subject with care. To put it simply, these topics aren’t pretty. Beckwitt takes the ugly and the unwanted and reinvents them, proving that there’s beauty in connection.

As the EP comes to a close, “Goddess” is the self affirming song that you didn’t know you needed with a strong message of speaking kindly to yourself, demanding respect, and realizing your worth. It seems that Beckwitt wrote this song as a love letter to herself, and to you, too.”

-Kayla Albee, Out From The Pine Box