Underground Music Collective - Indigo Review

Indigo begins with its title track, a perfect opening statement that represents an awakening of the spirit, and the outset of an attempt to learn to walk again and rebuild in recovery. From there, we journey into “Free Fall,” a slow-burning and deliberate march into a new world full of inspiring new love and possibilities.

Speaking of love, we briefly visit its darker side on “Crowded,” which unwraps the riddles and finds resolution surrounding infidelity with a big-time, synth-infused hook that stands up as one of the most memorable moments on Indigo. Then, we take a brighter turn on “Baggage,” a bubbly love song that updates the vintage musical sensibility of doo wop. “Baggage” is about getting to know a new love, and approaching each other’s history and imperfections from a place of appreciation, instead of judgment.

To close things out, we have “Goddess,” the cinematic, soaring self-care anthem about re-discovering self-worth after struggling to find it for so long.

Overall, Indigo tells a complete and triumphant story — one of redemption, self-discovery, and finding love from within, and of finding the brightest light from the darkest of places.”

-Gerard Longo, Underground Music Collective